What are the functions of school administration software

by admin | 11 Mar, 2020 | Electronic School Management System | 0 Comments

school administration software

Schools are getting tough to manage with every passing day. A large number of students and a lot of subjects and other activities are making the school management too challenging.

But there is a solution to manage the whole schools environment at a single click. The 

School administration software is improving the education system and increase productivity. By providing computerized control over different departments through its reliable functions. The school data management system also allows the schools to manage unlimited data digitally with 100% accuracy. The use of school software will automatically increase efficiency and accuracy. There are many functions of school administration software. Lets discuss some of them.


There are following some main functions of the school management system.

Admission management:

This function digitizes admission management. It removes a huge amount of paper files. It allows to save the data of all student in the database and also can be accessed at any time even after they leave school. It also protects from human errors and provides a more reliable environment.

Fee management:

Though the fee management module, you can check the list of fee defaulters students and can send notice to them via email or SMS regarding fee dues. On the other hand, it serves the parents by saving them from long line queues to submit the fee. Through fee management systems, parents can pay the fee online. It is also a safe and secure method. 

Result management:

This function saves a lot of time of teachers by providing an automatic result generating system. By the use of school administration software, teachers can generate exam reports of students monthly, send-up, and annually. They can also get subject wise comparison reports.

Finance management:

School data management system allows the finance department to manage all things expenses, staff salaries, daily or monthly vouchers, fee dues of students online. There will be no error in salary transferring and voucher generation while using this system.

Attendance management:

This function proper checks and balances on the attendance of students and staff. It provides a wide range of reports on attendance. For example, you can have the class-wise attendance report, gender-wise, time-wise, or individual basis. It can also be customized to send an SMS to parents to alert them about their childs absence that will also be helpful for parents to keep an eye on their kid.

Library management:

The library is the most important department of any educational institute. This era is of the digital library. So, through this module, a school can manage the library member, books, assets on a single system. 

Assets management:

All assets related to school can be kept in check in routines to update the schools inventory according to the need to provide the best experience to staff and students. 

HR management:

HR management is the most crucial part of any organization to be successful. The school data management system provides an online HR management system. It allows you to manage all employees, their salaries, overtime, attendance, and much more.