Pros and cons of using technology in teaching and learning

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technology in teaching and learning

The use of technology in the education sector is the biggest revolution in the teaching and learning system. The use of technology in teaching and learning process does not mean just the usage of digital devices in the classrooms. It means any kind of technology that plays a role in the interaction of students and teachers in the school or beyond the school. For example, the integration of school data management systems in schools it gives a chance to students and teachers to be interconnected after the school's timing through student and teacher portals. 

As there are a number of benefits of teaching technology, there are also some cons to it. On one side, it enhances the engagement of students, and on the other hand, it can distract the attention of students. Let's discuss some of its pros and cons.

Pros of technology in the education sector:


There are many advantages of technology in educational institutes. Some of them are as follows:

Ø  The use of technology allows the teachers to have instant feedback for the student of a quiz or any examination.

Ø  The latest technology increases the interest of students to participate more in daily class activities.

Ø  It provides a number of resources for teachers to teach more effectively.

Ø  It is the way to have such a learning process that is effective and friendly.

Ø  It digitizes several hectic tasks, which are much difficult to handle manually.

Ø  Through the use of technology, students will be able to get up-to-date about any matter. It will enhance their learning experience.

Ø  It saves time and money by providing a digital environment. So, when the precious time of teachers will be saved, they will be more focused on the performance of students.

Ø  It empowers a student to learn by themself individually.

Ø  The use of smart technology plays a vital role in enhancing the collaborative skills of students.

Ø  It helps the teacher to find out the learning behavior of each student.

Ø  The technology converts the classroom into a digital village. So the students can make better connections with their classmates.

Cons of technology in the education sector:

Some advantages of using technology in the education management system are as follows:

Ø  Involvement of technology in the teaching and learning process can distract both the teacher and students

Ø  When students will do everything digitally, for example, when they make their group assignments and presentations through online mediums, they will be disconnected from social connections physically.

Ø  It can be an assistant in cheating in assignments and class tests.

Ø  Students don't have equal technology resources beyond the schools. So, if teachers use teaching technology gadgets to guide their students after schools, then some students will miss their guidelines.

Ø  Teachers can be slow down in lesson planning as they can find a planned lesson from the internet.

Ø  There are many unreliable learning resources on the internet, so it can be harmful to a student to prepare the examination.

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