Library Management System In Electronic School Management System

by admin | 26 Feb, 2020 | Electronic School Management System | 0 Comments

Library Management System
Almost all businesses are now using digital gadgets to enhance their enterprises. Management of records, inventory, accounts appropriately is essential to run a successful business. Like all other businesses, schools also need management tools like school management system to run the institute in an effective manner. Because of the digital evolution in an educational institute, libraries also need digital reforms for more easy and efficient handling of library assets.

Features of a perfect library management system:

Library management is such a process that includes a lot of repetitive tasks. It is much time consuming, and also there is a chance of errors while handling through the paper system. Hence a school management system is a comprehensive set of modules that simplify the difficult task in a single mouse click. Some of the essential features are as follows:
  • Easy record management of members and details of the book through Barcode.
  • Library management software allows us to record the date of issuance and returning of books through manual or Barcode scanner.
  • Barcode Scanner in the library system helps in handling everyday tasks of a big library, where a number of transactions take place.
  • Moreover, the software can work without scanners.
  • The admin and members of the library can search the name of book author, title, accession no., publication, and language. The admin can also use filters according to different categories.
  • Admin can customize the system according to requirements, can define holidays, and also can set the criteria of issuing the books.
  • Admin can send the notification of any type via email to members or vendors.
  • Multiple libraries can be handled through a single system.
  • Admin can get all reports in excel or word file.
  • Multiple users can log-in at the same time while using library management software.
  • Admin can restrict the access of users.
  • Audios, videos, documents are also can manage through the online library system.
  • The system has a powerful search engine. One can search for the required material through words, phrases, etc.
  • The digital library system provides sorted data.
  • One can also lock a specific group of members to access the assets of the library.
  • It is an easy circulation system, one can get all the required information through a single click.
  • An easy process to update any existing data.
  • The system has an auto filter and search fields.
  • The digital system has the module to keep records of scrap media items.
  • It provides reports, members, media, and time-wise.
  • The admin can also generate customized reports.
So, we can say that the library management system automates the whole library. Librarian can save his/her a lot of time and can efficiently manage the library.


Nowadays, a number of schools are using such school management ERP solutions that have the module of the library management system too. Digital libraries are needed for this era. Therefore educational institutes are focusing on a digital system to manage their libraries by few clicks.