Get a free demo of the school management system

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free demo of the school management system

Why you are still spend your precious time in handling hectic and time-consuming administration tasks of your school in this era of technology when you can manage them easily through a digital system.

A number of organizations have integrated school management systems for an automated administrative environment. So why are you still handle your data manually? Its to change things.

If you are looking to try an on-demand school software that can help you to run your school in a more effective manner, then you are at the right place, here you can get a free demo of school management system for a trial period and details about how it is helpful for you.

What is the school management system:

Most student management systems incorporate functions like: 

Event management: Effectively make, oversee, and promote occasions with online enrollment, participation tracking, and dues payment process. 

Payment management: Computerize enrollment recharges, registrations and dues. 

Database: Keep data of users, volunteers, and administrator records in a simple to track through different filters from the online database. 

Email/Messages: Send promotional or informational pamphlets or simple email interchanges to communicate to anybody. There is also an option of SMS alerting to anyone. 

User Login: This feature allows the user to login to the system to access authorized material and information about upcoming events.

These are fundamental functions of a school management system. It is a solution to eliminate the mess of paperwork and to automate the administrative tasks.

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How the software saves your time and money:

Just imagine a group of robots doing all your management tasks related to your school system. How amazing can it be?

They'd update your system, enroll new students, record their information into the database, collect and procedure fee installments, oversee occasions, and send electronic vouchers, receipts, and email updates. With a group of robots accomplishing all the work, you could spend more energy and time in developing your educational institute.

That is actually what eSM accomplishes for you. It acts as the number of robots to robotize all your administrator work. Numerous associations report setting aside to 20 hours every week by letting eSM handle the routine work for them!

Get your free trial:

To get started with your free demo for the trial period, click here.


Click here to get a free demo of eSM for a trial period.


You'll be moved to a registration page where you will enter your details. When you click submit. You will get a free demo of the paid version of eSM, the best software of Cyber Intelligent solution. It implies you can approach all the outstanding features that our paid customers get for a limited period. 


Are you confused about how the software will help your management in handling administrative tasks? Ensure you have pursued your free trial, then contact us here for any query.