Difference Between Paid And Free School Management System

by admin | 26 Feb, 2020 | Electronic School Management System | 0 Comments

Difference Between Paid And Free School Management System
There is no doubt that education is not like a business, but as this era is full of technology. So, to fulfill the needs of the time, all large-scaled schools are using the digital system for a fast and accurate source of information. The paper-based manual system is hectic and time-consuming. There are also chances of errors in the file-based system, while the digital system is error-free, efficient, reliable, secure, and cost-effective. There are two types of school software available in the market, one is free, and the second is paid. Both are described in the following. You can choose according to your needs.

Free school management system:

While using the free version of school data management software, you are free from paying the cost of any module. You have to install the software in your system, and it is ready to use.

Pros of free school software:

There are many advantages of school management software. You don’t pay even a single penny. You can manage your school activities through the digital system. You can automate your school, track data for decisions, improve performance, get stats of all departments, and many other features.

What are you missing by using the free school data management system:

No doubt, there are many features of free school software, but you are still missing a lot of things. That can help you in enhancing your school’s productivity. Most free school management software has a limited number of features. For example, you are limited to the fixed number of students while using the free version. You are allowed to add data of students and employees just up-to a fixed number. Usually, free software works for, 50 or less than 50 students and a maximum of 5 teachers. Thus too much smaller schools can use a free system. You are also missing many other features while using the free system, such as inventory management, lesson plans, time-table and events management, SMS alert, transport management. You can customize the system according to your requirements. You are bound to use the limited options.

Paid school management system:

In the paid version, you pay to software providers for each module. You can demand that exact software that is according to your requirements. The benefits of the paid school management system are as follows.

Pros of paid electronic school management:

While using paid electronic software, you are free to buy customized software regarding the needs of your institute. You are not bond to the number of students and staff. You can save data of unlimited persons. Your school’s productivity can be increased by managing all data through the digital system. It will reduce your cost and will save time. You can have all desired features like inventory management, transport management, reports, SMS alert, parents portal, time-table generation, student and teacher communication beyond the classrooms. Through the paid version, you are allowed to collaborate between different departments. On the other hand, you can keep an eye on the performance of all departments by having stats.


The conclusion is, while using free school software, you are limited with default features, but with the paid version, you are allowed to have customized features.